Ultimate Kitchen has reported that their new food storage vacuum sealer has sold out on Amazon, as of January 31.

Compact Vacuum Sealer
Compact Vacuum Sealer

(Newswire.net — February 13, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen first established their line of vacuum sealing products in 2016. The company saw the growing trend of using vacuum sealing to store food. The ecommerce company has been committed to bringing value-based kitchen products to their customers for years. They realized that vacuum sealing offered two main benefits to consumers: saving time and money. Customers have reported that they are able to plan, prepare and store meals in advance. Reports indicate they are buying bulk-size quantities of food and dividing them into custom made portions. Bulk purchasing is usually less expensive than buying smaller packages. Additionally, vacuum sealing removes the air that surrounds food. This allows food to last up to five times longer than traditional storage methods, saving money.

Ultimate Kitchen’s Director of Operations, Cassie Clark said in an interview, “Our company is continually searching for popular kitchen trends. Vacuum sealing was a great one for us to jump on. Who doesn’t love saving time and money? This is a great product for busy moms, large families and those of us on a budget. The fact that this sealer is already sold out is a great testament to the usefulness of this machine. Because of the Ultimate Kitchen brand, buyers can be sure of a quality product.”

First introduced on Amazon in 2016, the compact vacuum sealer has been well received by buyers. Reviews have been very positive. In two months of an active listing, over 600 people purchased this vacuum sealer. It has also received a high-star Amazon rating, indicating satisfied buyers.

Buyer Eric said in his Amazon review, “Excellent product! Price point spot on! I’ve tried other vac sealers in the past but this little guy is better than the big boys. It’s not overly loud and quite the workhorse. [I] use [it] with the Foodsaver marination vessel as well as the Foodsaver Mason jars attachment, great suction. Performs well on moist and dry foods and seals every type of bag I’ve tried (chip, zip style, cereal and no-name brand vac bags). I’ve used both 8 inch rolls and 11 inch rolls – 11 being the widest you can use.”

Ultimate Kitchen’s compact vacuum sealer has been listed on Amazon. Although currently sold out, the sealer will soon be back in stock, for $127.90. Shipping will be free by using Prime membership. The white sealer has multiple settings to accommodate various foods. A gentle setting prevents delicate foods from being crushed when sealed. A moist food setting allows for foods with high moisture content, or for marinating quickly. The machine can be used with Ultimate Kitchen plastic bag rolls or the Ultimate Kitchen reusable plastic food storage canisters. The bags and canisters are sold separately. A five year product replacement warranty will be included with the purchase of the vacuum sealer.

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