Miami-Dade Police Major is in stable condition after a high school senior and nurse arrived on the scene to save his life by applying a tourniquet to his limbs.

( — May 18, 2017) Woodbridge, Virginia — A Miami-Dade Police Major, Ricky Carter, a 21-year veteran police officer, who was involved in a serious motorcycle accident on last week, is now in stable condition.

Major Carter looks over his plaque received during the ceremony honoring first responders at the Miami Dade Collge North Campus

Major Carter was riding his motorcycle on Sunday morning on Interstate 75 near Northwest 138th Street when his motorcycle suddenly slipped and crashed him into a guardrail. He was off duty at the time of the incident and no other vehicles were involved in the crash. 

Major Carter was lucky enough to be found by a high school senior, Thalia Rodriguez, who immediately pulled her car over upon seeing the bleeding man. Miss Rodriguez is an aspiring firefighter, who was on her way to do a ride-along with the Hialeah Fire Station. Enrolled in a health science class at Westland Hialeah Senior High, she knew how to react to the situation: “I knew I couldn’t panic. At that point it was only him, only save him, buy him time. Everything else in such a scenario is all a blur except what you’re focused on.”

Thalia Rodriquez Receives Certificate of Achievement for Her Heroic Act

She first took his pulse and checked his breathing; he was breathing but unresponsive, with his eyes wide open, looking around. Assessing his injuries, Rodriguez saw his left leg had already been lost, and his right leg was almost completely severed. Within moments, Vianca Diaz, a nurse, also pulled over to the scene. The two first responders made a split decision to apply a tourniquet. Fortunately, Diaz had one in her car. Together, the nurse and aspiring firefighter applied the tourniquet to the remaining portion of Major Carter’s right leg.

Major Carter was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he is currently recovering from several surgeries. His right leg was amputated, and he is expected to receive prosthetic legs. Though the right leg was eventually lost, the tourniquet applied by Rodriguez and Diaz has been credited with saving Major Carter’s life, as it stemmed his severe blood loss while waiting for professional medical help to arrive. 

Tourniquet application is a difficult decision to make, as it can cause limb loss, but when the decision is between life and death, stemming blood loss until professional medical help can be obtained, is crucial. A person can die from severe blood loss within five minutes, if not treated properly. A tourniquet is the most efficient tool to use when blood hemorrhaging has occurred.


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Life happens. Be prepared. It is impossible to know when it will be necessary to step in as a first responder to an emergency scene, as Diaz and Rodriguez did on their normal Sunday morning drives. Whether a nurse, coach or high school student, we are all capable of saving someone’s life, with the proper tools, knowledge, and training.

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