Surviveware's First Aid Kit continues to reach new heights on Amazon, becoming the first aid kit of choice for adventurers.

Customers of Surviveware frequently comment on the handiness of the kit in the outdoors.
Customers of Surviveware frequently comment on the handiness of the kit in the outdoors.

( — April 9, 2017) Woodbridge, Virginia — Surviveware, an adventure preparedness company, is pleased to announce a new level of achievement on, the online retail giant. Today, Surviveware’s First Aid Kit reached 400 customer reviews, with 93% of the reviews being five stars, making it the highest rated first aid kit of its size.

“To receive positive feedback is always gratifying,” said Amanda Condry, the founder of Surviveware. “We are passionate about our products and our mission, which is to provide high-quality survival gear that can be used in a variety of situations and our customers are from every walk of life, from global travelers to mountain bikers, to paramedics.”

According to Sierra’s review, a mother, and globetrotter, “I bought this only because we are traveling to a country where I could not depend on first aid care. But! WOW – I loved its compactness; it has everything you would want to have for the ER.  This kit is very comprehensive, and I immediately told my daughter about it.”

“Ensuring the kit was TSA-approved was one of our main priorities. A first aid kit is not typically on vacation packing lists, but people’s perceptions are slowly changing as accidents happen frequently, especially when we’re out of our comfort zone. Just a few ounces more in your suitcase or backpack will ensure swift action during an unexpected accident on vacation,” said Amanda. “Traveling in a foreign country can lead to confusion due to language barriers and different standards of administering first aid. Having the necessary items on hand will defuse the situation until professional help can arrive.”

The versatility of the kit is one of its most lauded features. Its compact size is ideal for hikers, travelers and others who want a comprehensive kit without adding extra weight to their pack. The MOLLE-compatible straps and snaps enable users to strap it to a carry-on suitcase, or to a bicycle.

Paul, a mountain biking fanatic, had the following to say in his review, “I bought this first aid kit to carry while riding my mountain bike. Hopefully, I never have to use it but if I do, all the compartments are labeled, and there are directions for the CPR and tourniquet. I use the camelback mule, and the kit fits nicely inside.” 

Though the kit is small and compact, 100 items fit snugly inside, with additional space for personal items. The organization of the items within the kit makes it easy to use in an emergency, as time is saved searching for the needed item. Customers of Surviveware frequently comment on the handiness of the kit in the outdoors.

Mark, an EMT, had this to say in his review, “As an ex-army medic and current EMT, this compact kit has all you need to treat emergencies in the outdoors. I keep it in my bike pannier just in case I or someone riding with me meets the road a little too close. It’s not too large, nor too heavy for the kit.” 

Great Kit for Motorcycles

“We have received a lot of positive and useful feedback from medical professionals and public servants,” said Amanda. “It’s good to know that people who spend their lives administering first aid find the kit organized, sturdy and functional,” she continued, “Reaching 400 reviews this week is an exciting milestone. We believe we are reaching our mission in providing fellow adventurers with the highest quality emergency items.”

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