Resveratrol is believed to be a natural and safe therapy option for women with this chronic condition.

( — February 16, 2017) Orlando, FL — Today, there are many conditions that impact women, such as endometriosis. While there are pharmaceutical drugs used for the condition, there are also natural alternatives thought to be helpful to sufferers.

Resveratrol may have the potential to reduce the symptoms of endometriosis. This condition is common and it causes pain and irregular menstrual bleeding.

Endometriosis is characterized by a particular extra tissue that results in scarring in the reproductive organs as well as in the pelvic area. This tissue is the same as the uterine lining outside the uterus. When it leads to scarring, it usually causes infertility. The uterus has a normal endometrial lining that sheds during menstruation every month. However, this type of tissue stays.

While it has not been known what causes endometriosis, some researchers suggest that it could be an immune system disorder. This theory is an excellent reason to suspect that the immune system could play a role in endometriosis development.

The activation of mast cells is a part of the immune system and is linked with allergies as well as inflammatory conditions. The activated mast cells release many inflammatory proteins, such as the enzyme tryptase.

Tryptase takes care of stimulating the type 1 collagen production. This type of collagen aids in the formation of fibrotic tissue, which is found in endometriosis cases.

In a clinical study, the researchers studied 10 participants with endometriosis and 3 without the condition. It was found that those who suffered from the condition had significantly higher numbers of mast cells. Most of these mast cells were activated and were releasing fibrotic and inflammatory factors.

Hormones are thought to play a role in the symptoms and development of endometriosis. Some of the conventional treatments of the condition are pharmaceutical drugs that may provide pain relief. These medications are also believed to stop the worsening of the condition.

The excess tissue can also be surgically removed. While the conventional medications are believed to be helpful, they may also lead to adverse side effects. A majority of these pharmaceutical drugs may not even treat the condition.

Resveratrol is believed to be a natural and safe therapy option for women with this chronic condition.

In a small clinical study, the researchers had four participants with severe endometriosis pain dosed with resveratrol. It was found that the resveratrol may have reduced pain as well as the inflammatory mast cell lesions. The participants were taking the resveratrol twice on a day for 90 days.


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