How thieves can be surprised while stealing a car, what they may find inside and how they act upon the finding of an unexpected item.

You never know what can be found inside
You never know what can be found inside

( — November 24, 2015) — When people acquire their driving licence, they tend to buy a decent, but very often a second-hand car, since they are fresh drivers and don’t want to regeret if they damage the new car in an accident. After a while, when they become sure of themselves as drivers and if they can afford a new one, they usually buy a brand new car, including an alarm. Along with the equippment, people put and leave many things in their car, like tissues, food, keys, phones, musical instruments, guns and even children.

Car thieves, on the other hand, have become very resourceful and so skillful, that there are very few cars they cannot open. Then, depending on what type of car thieves they are, they just go for a ride, have a little fun and return the car undamaged. There are those who steal a car, take some necessary parts and leave it somewhere for the police to find it. The rightful owner comes and picks up their car, with all the trinkets inside, except for car parts.

But, what do car jackers do if they find a child in the car? Unfortunately, some parents are very absent-minded or negligent and it happens sometimes, that along with other things, they leave their children in the car, too. Now, what? Poor thieves did not expect to find such a valuable item in the car and find themselves at a loss. They need the car, but certainly not the kid. So, they decide to take the car as usual but at the same they also decide to be good citizens and take the child where they think it will be safe.

In this particular case, it was a school child who, although a little dimayed, told them where he goes to school. Kind thieves took the child to school and vanished with a car to fulfill their primary job. In the meantime, an unfortunate mother who left the child not for the first time to do her chores, notified the police who did their job properly and found a child at school as if nothing had happened. Of course there was a public mess whether the police should press charges against the mother or not, it serves her right, where this world is going, how many parents like that there are, totally unaware of many dreadful things that can come out of their reckless endangerment and so on. Eventually, all’s well that ends well. Thank you thieves, you have been more than kind, let’s hope there won’t be next time.