Houston-based Marwood Construction recently published a guide to help homeowners prepare and plan for a successful remodeling project.

(Newswire.net — April 28, 2016) Houston, Texas — Houston-based luxury homebuilding company Marwood Construction has just released a free homeowner’s guide to preparing and planning for a major remodeling project in their homes. The free 14 page e-book was created expressly with the homeowner in mind, as the company understands the challenges associated with a complex remodeling project. The e-book covers a broad spectrum of topics, including developing a Wish List, Developing a Budget, Insurances, Selecting a Collaborating Team and Planning Your Family for the Actual Renovation. The free e-book is available for download to any homeowner at www.MarwoodConstruction.com/free-report/.

“Our downloadable homeowner’s guide is a long overdue tool for those planning a major renovation home project,” says a spokesperson for the company. Most “how to advisers” write a white page or a few paragraphs in a blog entry about an important specific topic. In contrast, the company has attempted to provide a basic, yet solid understanding for novice and veteran  homeowners to approach this very complex process. A major remodeling project has many moving parts. Very often essential details and steps can be taken out of sequences or fall between the cracks. These results often leads to additional expense and ill will for the homeowner who ends up paying for these mishaps.  Marwood Construction’s e-book is designed to provide the homeowner a collective view and a helpful hand leading them through the project from initial planning to completion.

An added benefit of this e-book is that it provides a handy guide through the entire remodeling process. Most homeowners do not understand the sequential steps and the variety of options associated with undertaking a major remodeling project. “Homeowners either get tripped up trying to design their visions or get torpedoed implementing their project due to the final design not reflecting the actual cost of building it out,” says the spokesperson. Either of these scenarios leaves the homeowner disappointed and discouraged, often leading them to abandoning their remodeling plans altogether. 

Marwood Construction is attempting to help homeowners reach their remodeling dreams by educating them how the process works. With their helpful guide outlining the process in a step-by-step format, homeowners can research the topics in greater depth before they spend any money engaging professionals for the project itself. To learn more about the company and the luxury home remodeling and construction services they offer in the Houston metropolitan area, visit www.marwoodconstruction.com.

About Marwood Construction

Marwood Construction is a specialty general contractor in Houston offering quality construction and remodeling. Their services include full design build, construction advisory services and general contracting remodeling. The firm boasts more than 65 years of construction services experience collectively. Marwood is a member of the National Home Builders Association (NHBA), Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA), and Texas Association of Builders (TAB).

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