Homeowners who are having a problem with their home's foundation have a new website that might help them out.

Home Foundation Repair in Progress

(Newswire.net — December 17, 2015) Seattle, Washington — A new website designed to help Washington State homeowners find a house foundation repair company has been released.

The Emergency Foundation Repair website is now underway with the intent of providing advice and information about house foundation repair consultants and companies in various cities around the state.  

The website’s publisher, Sam DeMars, said that this new site will be set up in a way so that residents in any city can see and browse through the details of a few different local companies. Each of these companies will have experience in repairing and correcting the foundation problems of homes in their area.

“When people first learn or think they might have a problem with their foundation, they are, of course, worried, and they don’t have any idea who they should call first,” stated DeMars, “So we’re hoping that our new site can help point them in a good direction for them to get started working on their problem.”

“There are companies out there that focus just on foundation repair work,” continued DeMars, “There aren’t a lot of them because this type of repair work doesn’t come up that often and companies need to acquire the right expertise and equipment to do the job right.”

“That being said, a homeowner should still do a little due diligence when picking which company to work with. This type of repair is a big repair so choosing the right company is pretty important,” she said, “We hope that our short list of available repair companies will help these homeowners make the right choice.”

Foundation Problems Are Fixable

While some foundation problems are small, many others are substantial and are difficult to fix, DeMars stated. She said that many homeowners become overwhelmed at the thought of what it will take to correct their situation.

“I think the average homeowner sometimes sees a foundation problem as an issue that looks impossible to fix,” DeMars said, “But the right company, with the right equipment and experience, can usually correct most problems.”

“The repair to some foundation problems can be complicated and even almost delicate in some cases,” concluded DeMars, “If you tell a homeowner that the only way to fix their home is to jack up the entire house, repair or replace their block foundation, and then lower their house back down again, many of them practically faint at the idea, but an experienced company can often successfully get it done. Kind of amazing, really.”

DeMars suggested that anyone who is worried about their foundation should get in contact with a specialist right away and have their house inspected so they will at least know what their situation is.

She also warned that while the website is live, not all the individual city pages are fully developed yet with a good list of recommended repair companies. For details, you can visit http://www.EmergencyFoundationRepair.com.

About Emergency Foundation Repair

EmergencyFoundationRepair.com is a new website that is designed to help a homeowner get started with fixing their home’s foundation problem.

Emergency Foundation Repair

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