David Gleason, CEO of Gleason Insurance, talks about the difference between admitted and non-admitted insurers for business coverage.

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(Newswire.net — December 16, 2015) Folsom, CA — Businesses need insurance to protect their assets, and Gleason Insurance understands that there can be many variables at play when insuring commercial entities. Small business owners often have many questions about the difference between so-called admitted insurers and non-admitted insurers. “In a nutshell, non-admitted insurers have not necessarily been approved by a state’s insurance department,” says David Gleason, founder and CEO of the company. “This does not mean that non-admitted insurers are a bad choice – in fact, many such insurers get great ratings from A.M. Best, the credit rating powerhouse.” David stresses that businesses look beyond the classifications and do research into the actual ratings a particular insurer might have in order to get the best coverage and service. To learn more about the services this agency provides to its business clients, visit http://www.ginsuranceinc.com/services.html.

Gleason Insurance specializes in business and commercial insurance policies for companies throughout California. Headquartered in Folsom, near Sacramento, the company also has many clients in and throughout Southern California. The agency offers a full range of specialized insurance products for companies, including professional liability coverage, business auto and truck insurance policies, commercial property protection, and workers’ compensation insurance packages. The company has built a solid reputation on its personalized account managers for every client, servicing policies and claims with outstanding customer service and the utmost in competence. For new businesses just starting out or established companies looking to protect their properties and personnel, the agency is prepared to handle any size client. The agency holds a current California license as an insurance provider, ensuring it meets all state guidelines and regulations for its many business clients.

“Admitted insurers may have the protection of state regulators for claims, but that’s not the full picture,” adds David. “These insurers may sound great on paper, when one looks at how A.M. Best rates their service, those low ratings can represent a considerable risk for the same customers that are expecting liability coverage.” Commercial and business insurance can be a personal decision, especially for small business owners. It is important to research every potential insurer carefully to make sure that the coverage will be there when a business needs it most. To learn more about Gleason Insurance and their range of services, visit http://www.ginsuranceinc.com/.

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Gleason Insurance is a full-service insurance agency headquartered in Folsom, California. The company specializes in business insurance services like professional liability, business auto, commercial property, and workers’ compensation coverage. Helping businesses find the perfect coverage for their insurance needs is the agency’s strength, assisting clients every step of the way with personalized account managers and a commitment to quality. The company handles new businesses as well as established commercial operations, approaching every client with the goal of long-term relationships.

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