Experts at the Freeman Spine & Pain Institute in New Jersey discuss several remedies and tips for back pain conditions.

Spine and Interventional Pain Management
Back pain can be treated with simple steps.

( — June 28, 2016) Union, New Jersey — Millions of Americans suffer from occasional or chronic back pain.  In fact, as many as 80% of all people in the U.S. will experience a back problem at some point in their lifetime, according to several studies. Experts at the Freeman Spin and Pain Institute in New Jersey offer specialized back pain treatment to thousands of patients in their service area, but they understand that other people outside the area might benefit from advice on common remedies for pain. Addressing back pain when it occurs and taking steps to alleviate it can provide great benefits by not allowing the condition to become chronic. This quick action can often prevent the need for more intensive treatment options like surgery. “By taking action quickly, people suffering from back pain can find relief,” says a spokesperson for the clinical practice. “In some cases, medication and surgery can be avoided altogether.” To learn more about back pain and treatment options available through the Institute’s four clinic locations, visit

When back pain strikes, people often turn to bed rest for relief.  This is counterintuitive, according to the clinical experts at Freeman Spine and Pain Institute. Remaining active can actually reduce the inflammation and pain, particularly in those with lower-back symptoms.  Similarly, those who experience pain in the back should continue with exercise programs if they engage in such activity. “Walking and light running exercises help the body to maintain an upright position and improved blood flow to affected areas,” says the spokesperson. “We recommend that strenuous activity be avoided when back pain flares up, but light exercise can be of great benefit.” Specific exercises may also help.  Core-strengthening exercises, such as abdominal crunches, push-ups, and leg lifts, can increase support to the structures of the spine, holding them in the proper orientation and reducing the chance of instability and resultant pain.

If pain persists, people should seek out diagnosis from a specialist, such as the medical staff from the Freeman Spine and Pain Institute.  “Chronic pain cannot be ignored,” adds the spokesperson. “In order to lead a healthy lifestyle, professional expertise is sometimes required to treat the underlying causes of chronic back pain.” For more information on the clinic, visit

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