If launched in July, Dubai will become the first city in the world that uses drones for transportation.

The EHang 184 drone
The EHang 184 test flight. Photo: YouTube

(Newswire.net — February 14, 2017) — Dubai, UAE – Transportation officials in Dubai strive to prove the city is more than just its futuristic appearance. Futuristic transportation is set to launch this summer.

The first drone taxi service in Dubai is set for lunch in July 2017. Speaking at the World Government Summit which took place in the city on Monday, the Emirate’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said that all testing for passenger-carrying drones were successful and fully automated, therefore the flying taxi is set to go.

For the generations who still remember Japan as the leader of advanced technology, it is rather unusual for this sophisticated peace of enginery to be labeled as “Made in China”.

Chinese company, EHang, made the best passengers-carrying drone the EHang 184, which is the RTA’s aerial vehicle of choice.

 “The RTA is making every effort to start the operation of the AAV in July 2017,” RTA executive director and chair, Mattar Al Tayer, said at the summit.

For something so delicate as public transportation, the main concern is the safety of traveling, especially when passengers put their lives in the ‘hands’ of Artificial Intelligence.

It wouldn’t be the first time for Dubai residents to use fully autonomous transportation. Key public transportation vehicles in Dubai are driverless trains, which are operated exclusively by AI. The train is never late and has never missed a stop for more than an inch.

Drones must meet the harsh standards set in Dubai and according to RTA officials, they are ready. Drones will be overlooked by a ground-based control center.

“In case of any failure in the first propeller, there would be seven other propellers ready to complete the flight and a smooth landing, while mitigating the impact of the fault sustained by the first propeller.”

For flying taxi passengers, it will be easier than texting Uber. Using a touch screen to select a preset destination, passengers will be able to travel for up to 30 minutes at a speed of around 60mph.

According to the manufacturer, it is impossible for anybody onboard to take over the control of the vehicle, which eliminates the possibility of hijacking and terrorism. On any such attempt, the vehicle would immediately ground itself as soon it is safe to do so.

The EHang 184 was first presented in Las Vegas at the CES tradeshow in January 2016. It was described then as “the safest, eco-est and smartest low altitude autonomous aerial vehicle” for short to medium distance travel.”

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/news/00095225-flying-taxi-drones-set-for-launch-in-dubai.html