A few points on how gratitude can be very rewarding and how it can change people's lives when practiced regularly.

A ladybird is grateful for the flower, so are we
A ladybird is grateful for the flower, so are we

(Newswire.net — November 24, 2015) –There is a very nice and helpful course called “Life of Happiness and Fulfillment”. It is very nicely designed and it is helpful because people can learn among many other things how to practice greatitude and in what ways gratitude can be rewarding.

There are people who feel gratitude only for Thanksgiving and Christmas or in certain situations when they get out of trouble or suddenly become rich. Soon after, they forget that feeling and go on with their lives until next time, hoping that it will always work that way.Maybe twice a year is quite enough.

Being grateful is something that can help people with many things on a daily basis, so scientists say. If people feel gratitude every day for at least 15 minutes, it seems that the first positive outcome is a healthier heart. Even if it is true, it is not so obvious, people don’t notice it and will possibly think that it is not worth practicing gratitude every day. As usual, everybody expects results in a short period of time, as if getting a healthier heart is similar to liposuction.

There are also other things that promote gratitude.There were people who really tried hard and practiced it every day and apparently started falling asleep much more quickly than before, slept better and even got rid of insomnia completely. It was a wonder. They had every reason to feel grateful. There were others who noticed that after some period of practicing, their social life became much better (for they didn’t use to have any for various reasons), they made friends more easily, some even found life partners. More than enough reasons to be grateful and what more would one wish for?

There were some people who were constantly depressed and negative, who were constantly on some pills, some even suicidal and after some time became optimistic, easy-going and full of energy. They couldn’t believe what was happening. It was an eye opener for them. If only they had heard about it earlier.

It seems that people should actually pick a thing from their life that bothers them, or something that doesn’t meet their expectations, then try to practice gratefulness and hope the problem will go away, having in mind that it depends on the problem and whether it works for everybody. Let’s hope it does, otherwise it’s not worth practicing.But is gratitude something that should be practiced only when in need? Or is it something that should be felt every day and without getting anything in return? It’s up to everyone to decide.

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