Many broadcast companies will limit access to live sports if you travel outside of your home area during the Holidays.

( — December 28, 2016) — 

If you travel outside the United States on a regular basis, you understand how disappointing it can be to miss a game. Even worse, the majority of travel outside the US is centered around the holidays, which ironically is when many of the important sporting events are scheduled. It is outrageous for someone to miss a game simply because they are outside of ESPN’s geographic location. Sports are an important part of life and they build connections between people, regardless of their backgrounds. With large scale entertainment companies limiting the areas where they broadcast, they are limiting the camaraderie that the sports bring about and ESPN is a company well known for creating this problem.

What is ESPN?

ESPN, or the Entertainment and Sports Programing Network, is a US based sports company that allows Americans to view international programming. Even though they pride themselves in providing international sports, they do not provide programming to international viewers, and they restrict their viewing to the fifty US States.

Recently, ESPN released a new app, called Watch ESPN and a website that allows live streaming of their content. These technological advancements connect the computer world, and Smart TVs to live, streaming content that has been deemed the best ESPN has to offer. Even tough every country and region allows access to the app, your location may trigger the content and streaming video to be blocked. Even though you are paying for their service, the exact spot you are sitting could restrict you from viewing content that you are already paying for, and should have the right to access at your leisure.

How to Connect to ESPN Streaming Sports Outside the US

If you are looking for a way to watch ESPN online while you are outside of their approved regions, you can utilize a Smart DNS Proxy. ESPN automatically uses your browsing history and your unique IP address to determine your location. If your location is outside of the 50 US states, you are automatically blocked from accessing the content. If you are using a proxy server, you have an advantage. Your location is routed through the approved server, registering your location as within the approved regions for viewing ESPN content.

There is a disadvantage to viewing ESPN sports through a proxy service. Because you are rerouting your signal to register in an approved area, you no longer have the advantage of being anonymous. This is because your signal is being filtered, and your traffic is no longer secure.

By subscribing to Smart DNS proxy, you will have the ability to watch not only ESPN, but you will also have access to other programming that is restricted by region. Programming such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Pandora, and Netflix can all be successfully accessed by utilizing a Smart DNS Proxy. You can choose from many different package sizes that will suit your viewing needs, and handle the exact programming to suit your needs and the location of your DNS proxy server.