Dirk Blankenship of DL Blankenship Company states why polished concrete should be used for flooring when designing or modeling a space.

(Newswire.net — July 7, 2016) Tulsa, Oklahoma — Dirk Blankenship, founder of DL Blankenship Company cites the benefits of using polished concrete for the flooring when designing or remodeling an office or commercial tenant space. The company, which specializes in decorative concrete design applications, transforms ordinary concrete slabs into eye-catching floors that are alive with color and easy to maintain.

DL Blankenship Company has been around for 16 years now—a milestone that proves their professionalism and reliability. Founded in 2000, they have developed a strong reputation in the concrete design field and have been the go-to destination of architects, designers and builders for decorative concrete applications. They offer professional concrete grinding and polishing services.  From coatings removal, grinding, and honing to fully polished concrete or terrazzo floors. With systems to fit any budget or situation, including polished concrete which requires the least maintenance and features a mirror-like finish.

According to Dirk, it can be difficult to choose the right type of flooring for a space. The chosen flooring will have a major overall effect on the appearance of the project for the years to come. He recommends the use of polished concrete, saying that its many benefits make it a great option. Polished concrete is considered to be one of the more beautiful types of flooring. It has mass, substance, warmth and permanence. Its organic feel makes it an ideal option for both traditional and modern settings. It also offers unlimited design potential—it can be polished, saw cut, colored or stenciled with company logos.

Another benefit of polished concrete is its extreme durability. A polished, densified concrete floor is one of the most durable types of flooring available. Since it has no thick topical coatings or sealers, there will be less scratching and scuffing than other flooring types. Furthermore, polished concrete will not peel or buckle if the surface is flooded. Instead, it will allow the floor to breathe and eliminate issues that start with sealers or floor coverings.

Polished concrete is also cost-effective. Polished Concrete rivals more expensive materials like terrazzo or natural stone for a low installation cost of $2 to $8 per square foot. Polished concrete is low maintenance as well, which means that it can contribute to a lot of savings. All that is needed to maintain it is basic cleaning equipment, a neutral cleaner and periodic cleaning.

To learn more about DL Blankenship Company, visit www.tulsaconcretedesign.com.

About DL Blankenship Company

DL Blankenship Company specializes in decorative concrete design applications. They transform ordinary, dull-looking concrete flooring to stunning floors that are affordable, beautiful and easy to maintain. Founded in 2000, the company is one of the first polished concrete contractors in Oklahoma and offers a variety of systems to fit any budget or situation. They service residential and commercial projects throughout N.E. Oklahoma and the surrounding areas.

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