A crewman on tugboat Mr. T severed his arm in a freak accident. Police officers applied a tourniquet and thankfully the man's life was saved.

Tugboat in New York Harbor
Tugboat in New York Harbor

(Newswire.net — April 15, 2017) Woodbridge, Virginia — A tugboat crewman has been hospitalized after losing part of his arm in an accident in New York Harbor in the evening of Thursday, April 13, 2017.

The crewman was working on Mr. T in the vicinity of the Statue of Liberty when his left arm got stuck in one of the vessel’s lines. The line cut completely through his arm, below the elbow, and the severed lower part of his arm fell into the waters below. 

This bizarre accident was met with a prompt response from the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) harbor unit. Officers quickly and securely applied a tourniquet to the man’s arm before rushing him to Brooklyn, NY, where he was met by paramedics who transferred him to Lutheran Hospital. The severed arm is currently being searched for by authorities in the New York Harbor.

When any deep cut occurs, the loss of blood is a huge concern, as too much blood loss can lead to loss of life. When a limb is severed, this concern becomes even more imminent, because there is nothing stopping the flow of blood, and all veins and arteries have been opened. Fortunately, the NYPD officers were properly trained in First Aid and able to apply a tourniquet to the still unnamed man’s arm, stopping the flow of blood until he was transported to a hospital.

A tourniquet is an emergency device used to stop heavy traumatic bleeding before one is able to receive professional care in a hospital. It is recommended by healthcare professionals that one be kept in a first aid kit, especially in dangerous situations, such as rock climbing or boating. The most popular tourniquet on the market is the Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) which was developed for use by the military in combat situations. It is small, yet powerful and effective.

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