Shawn Redd, running for office in Arizona’s first congressional district, was recently showcased on Fox News highlighting his candidacy as a Navajo.

Shawn Redd, congressional hopeful hoping to be the first Navajo in congress
Shawn Redd is a champion for economic prosperity

( — December 9, 2015) Dilkon, Arizona — Arizona businessman Shawn Redd was recently profiled on Fox News for his battle to be the first Navajo elected to Congress. Running in the crowded 1st District for a House seat, the Republican is going against the grain, pitting himself against established local figures like the Sheriff of Pinal County Paul Babeu and several incumbent politicians. Furthermore, the Navajo community traditionally votes Democrat, making his bid for Congress all the more difficult. “I was encouraged by many in my community to run for political office,” says Shawn. “My experience as a driver of economic opportunity for the region and my many relationships with the Navajo Nation give me the edge, even in a crowed election field.” To learn more about Shawn and his history as a business owner and economic driver, visit

He is no stranger to adversity. Entering the business world at an early age, Shawn became the president of the Redd/Lichee Corporation, a family business organization that strove to bring goods and services to the underserved Native American population of Arizona, both Navajo and Hopi. Years of hard-won experience establishing successful business ventures amidst many regulatory hurdles has given him the flexibility and understanding needed to represent his region in Congress. His balanced approach to business, putting compassion and real-world problem solving skills together with an appreciation for traditional values makes him the ideal candidate for the region, even if that region has historically voted for the other side of the political spectrum. “I am committed to bringing further economic prosperity to the people of the Navajo Nation,” Shawn says. “Being elected to Congress as the first Navajo to do so will help this area get the representation it has been lacking in federal government.”

Shawn Redd has also developed legislative experience within the Navajo Nation’s Tribal Council. Securing economic opportunities for the region and dealing with varied local, state, and federal regulations is a part of doing business in rural Arizona, and Shawn is adept at negotiating complicated solutions. While his fight to be elected may be uphill, he is committed to the people he and his family have served for many years, and to him, the struggle is worth the extra effort in running against the grain. To learn more about Shawn’s candidacy, visit


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About Shawn Redd

Shawn Redd is a successful business owner and Congressional hopeful from Dilkon, Arizona. As the president of the Redd/Lichee Corporation, Shawn has extensive experience championing economic opportunities for the underserved Native American population of the Navajo Nation in Arizona and New Mexico. He believes in bringing prosperity to the people of his region, and that passion has earned him the respect of the communities he serves. His many years of dealing with complex regulatory hurdles in his business ventures have prepared him well for a life in the political realm.

Shawn Redd

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