Surviveware's Combat Application Tourniquet Has Become the Number One New Seller On Amazon in the Tourniquet Category With Only a Handful of Reviews

Combat Tourniquet

( — April 13, 2017) Woodbridge, Virginia — Surviveware, an outdoor adventure preparedness company, is pleased to announce its Combat Application Tourniquet is the #1 New Release Tourniquet on


Released a few weeks ago, the tourniquet rose quickly in popularity. Amanda Condry, lead designer at Surviveware, said, “I was at first puzzled by its quick rise in popularity, but the success of our Compact First Aid Kit must have something to do with it. These two products combined make a dynamic duo.”

Surviveware’s First Aid Kit is a highly rated first aid kit with 100% of reviews being four and five stars.

“If we only received five-star reviews, I could rest easy at night, but there is always room to improve,” said Amanda. “Customers provide constructive criticism and some felt the kit needed a better tourniquet. Since the kit is small and compact, it was important to create a tourniquet that easily fits into the existing sleeves, which I believe we achieved with our Combat Application Tourniquet.”

Currently, The Surviveware Tourniquet only has a few reviews, all of which are five stars. Most buyers select a product based on the number of reviews it has received. One may question why so many have been sold with so few reviews.  However, the quality of these reviews seems to make up for the lack of quantity.

Returning customers of the Surviveware First Aid Kit are confident purchasing the Tourniquet, knowing the quality will be equally sound. In the words of a recent reviewer, “Awesome tourniquet! It appears to be made from durable material and is compact enough to keep on my belt, in my bag when hiking, the car glove box, or any other places I think I may need it. I found this product after purchasing the Surviveware first aid kit. I was equally impressed with the quality of the tourniquet. It is a great addition to my emergency kit. I really hope I never have to use either much, if at all, but based on what I received I feel good knowing I will be well equipped in a real emergency which is priceless.” 

Satisfied Surviveware Customer

Creating a strong tourniquet is important, as durability is vital in the situations in which a tourniquet is used. Providing their customers with a sound mind in purchasing their products for an adventure lifestyle is the goal of Surviveware. Continued Amanda, “We always strive to better ourselves. We are incredibly proud of our products, but find it beneficial to listen to every comment or critique from our customers in a constructive manner. We view it as they are part of the Surviveware team and we all want the same thing – the best possible product to take along on an adventure.”

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Surviveware produces a wide range survival equipment. Surviveware’s first priority is the customer, and that is evident not only through its highly rated products but also its customer service. Surviveware is also a Proud Supporter of Hands Free, a charity providing 3D printed prosthetics to children and veterans.


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