A UK millionaire has recently revealed his mindset theory for saving money on a self-help website followed by people from nearly 140 countries worldwide.

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(Newswire.net — February 9, 2017) Henfield, West Sussex — UK millionaire, Andy Shaw, says he was brought up in a middle class family, and taught from a very early age to save money. In a recent blog post published on his self-help website saltori.com he explains that from a very young age his savings always came first, with his major goal being to buy something with it later. He also says that although both him and his brother had both been taught to save, his brother saved the way most people do, but that he saved the way rich people do.

According to Andy there are many levels hidden in the term ‘saving money’, so if this game is being played at a wrong level, then it´s being played wrong. He adds: “Or rather you´re damaging your activity, your potential monetary, and lifestyle gains. So really saving money the wrong way can end up being the downfall for the large majority of savers. It goes without saying that saving money is a good thing, but if it´s coming from a level of consciousness which makes it dangerous to life, then things will obviously begin to go wrong.”

Mr Shaw comments that many people who save operate from fear, lack, and a scarcity based consciousness, concluding that their strategy to build wealth is to just save every penny they can, while just hoping it´ll be enough for them to last a lifetime. An extreme example of this mindset he adds would be like the tales of multimillionaire savers who lived as though they were in poverty, yet had a ton of cash in their bank accounts.

“Money really works best when it is put to work in an efficient and understanding way, one that suits your mindset and money thermostat,” says Andy. He adds: “Personally I like to make money while I am asleep, while on holiday, while traveling, or while everyone else is on vacation. I love that feeling, as it compels me to learn more in general, as well as more about investing. My consciousness surrounding money has been switched to the level of abundance. Other people are switched to an even higher level of abundance than me, but many others are switched to a much lower level of abundance, but everyone within the abundant level, will be living their lives just knowing there´ll always be more on its way.”

Andy admits that many people do wonder why he´s so lucky, and he says it´s due to spending so much time in preparation and being happy to just sit back and wait for luck to come his way. He adds: “As long as people see money as a painful subject to deal with, and subsequently ignored as much as possible, then they´re just limiting their life potential, as they live their life in an unprepared manner. Yet just because they´re savers, they actually think they´re fully prepared.”

The Saltori website publishes regular articles written by Andy Shaw about a variety of subjects including structured thinking, personal development, wealth, relationships, education, and many more.

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