Mr. Morelli has been listed in Best Lawyers in America continuously since 1997. He has also been selected by the New York State Trial Lawyers Association as one of New York's "Superstars."

Benedict Morelli Legal Counsel

( — April 19, 2017) New York, NY — Benedict Morelli has become a standout amongst the best lawyers in the country, with a specialization in common prosecution. Mr. Morelli is the founding partner of the Morelli Law Firm. Benedict Morelli has been specializing in legal matters for many years and he has continued to give his clients multi-million dollar outcomes.

Mr. Morelli continues to take on prominent cases since this is his vocation specialty. Among some of the prominent cases Morelli has represented is the settlement case between entertainer/on-screen character Tracy Morgan and Wal-Mart. He has also taken on significant companies, such as, Bank of America, Fox, Pfizer, Inc, Morgan Stanley, Bp oil, Aaron’s and Merck.

Since 1997, Mr. Morelli has often been considered the best legal counselor in America. This is because of his outstanding representation of his clients and his being well educated on the specific cases he handles. Mr. Morelli has been speaking to clients with various legal problems, including incapacity, inappropriate behavior, item and medication risk, social liberties, work segregation and various cases. These are a portion of the legal areas that have helped him climb the legal ladder to a top position.

The majority of his cases, Mr. Morelli prefers settlement as opposed to the court trial.  Settlement can aide in keeping up the reputation of both the charged and the litigant. However, now and again where there are issues of respectability, Morelli guarantees to have the best portrayal of his customers to persuade the jury administers.

The certainty he depicts while exhibiting a case helps him appear as a superior legal advisor. He has data about particular claims and he guarantees that he has the full elements of a case to keep him on the correct foot.

As Mr. Morelli rises in power, his Law Firm ascents as well, Morelli Law Firm has been accepting the best evaluations and positioning throughout the years. In the event that you are confronting issues that may require a legal representation in a courtroom, Morelli Law Firm may be the right decision.

Benedict Morelli is an enthusiastic legal counselor who guarantees full support to his customers. Consequently, if Morelli takes your case, you should be as straightforward as possible, making certain Morelli has total comprehension of your case.

About Morelli Law Firm

Benedict Morelli began his career in 1973 as a law clerk in a personal injury law firm, becoming eligible for the bar exam in 1977. After being admitted to the New York State Bar he became a partner and then senior partner of that firm. Mr. Morelli has a degree from City College, NY 1971 and studied law at New York Law School. He is admitted to the United States Supreme Court, the U.S. District Courts, Southern, Eastern, Western, and Northern districts of New York. Mr. Morelli has been a partner at his law firm since 1981 and a senior partner since 1990. Mr. Morelli represents clients in Employment Discrimination cases (including racial discrimination, age discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, and gender bias), false arrests, civil rights, complex product liability (including drug product liability – DES, Vioxx, Bextra, Ortho-Evra and Avandia), auto accidents, premises, labor law, and many other types of cases. In each of these areas, Mr. Morelli has gotten multi-million dollar verdicts. He represents individual plaintiffs against many major corporations including many large investment banks.

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