Madeline Stuart is an Australian model with Down syndrome. She appeared at the New York Fashion Week both on and off the catwalk, as a model and fashion designer.

Madeline is the world’s most famous supermodel with Down syndrom, Photo: Instagram/madelinesmodelling_
Madeline is the world’s most famous supermodel with Down syndrom, Photo: Instagram/madelinesmodelling_

(— February 24, 2017) Orlando, FL — Madeline Stuart was born with Down syndrome, but that didn’t stop her from realizing her dream. She decided to be a model upon visiting a fashion show in Brisbane with her mother in 2014. That’s why she lost 44 pounds, with nearly seven million people following her inspiring weight loss journey!

Roseanne Stuart, her mother and manager, helped her to initiate the change. Every day, Roseanne kept saying to her daughter how amazing, smart and beautiful she is.

Roseanne concluded her statement by saying that people with Down syndrome can do everything, they just need to do it at their own pace. Madeline’s mother also added that if they are just given a chance, they will exceed even the highest expectations.

Modeling career of Madeline Stuart began in 2015 and that same year, she was awarded the prestigious 2015 Model of the Year Award at Mélange Fashion Show in San Francisco. Mélange Productions is an international organization which embraces diversity and stimulates social change through its fashion shows which are supported by Jean Paul Gaultier, Sephora, and Nicole Miller, among others.

Now Madeline is not only the world’s most famous supermodel with Down syndrome, but she also made her debut as a fashion designer at New York Fashion Week this February.

Her first fashion label “21 Reasons Why by Madeline Stuart” reflects her personal style – a fashionably casual chic Women’s Ready-To-Wear line. This collection is modern, stylish and perfect for women who have various obligations and are busy all day, as Madeline is.

This incredibly courageous, beautiful, and talented young woman from Brisbane is 20 years old. Besides her successful career in the fashion industry, she also oversees her dance school in Brisbane, ‘Inside, Outside Dance Ensemble’ while also participating at the Special Olympic games.

She is traveling around the globe and changing society’s perception of people with disabilities. Madeline supports dozens of non-profits, and she is a powerful advocate for inclusiveness and diversity in modelling. 

Madelin visits schools around the world and talks to children and students about her illness, spreading the message that we’re not all the same, but that we should accept diversity without prejudices of any kind and courageously follow our dreams, as she does.