Male dominance has found its way into all facets of human life. It’s the subject of many discussions, sometimes leading to heated debates.

Male dominance
Male dominance is a state of mind.

( — February 13, 2017) — Male dominance has found its way into all facets of human life. It’s the subject of many discussions, sometimes leading to heated debates.

Sheila Jeffreys was right to equate masculinity to male dominance and femininity to female subordination. This is because the feeling of dominance is innate in most men. Many guys want to be dominant in a secretive affair such as sex, and in a widely visible issue such as politics.

Nowadays, male dominance is well established in fashion too. Most people believe that fashion is still a man’s world or better still, that male designers dominate female fashion.

While a tall physique helps men to become dominant, it’s the sense of fashion that makes the most impact. Here are a handful of fashion tips for dominant men.

Wear clothing that fits

Wearing a cloth that fits has a lot to do with your sense of style. Depending on whether you shop for your clothing by yourself or you allow others do it for you, your outfit must fit nicely on your body. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose; too long or too short.

Also, take care of the minor details such as the length of your belt, your shirt collar, and your shoes. Also, dressing for the occasion is also crucial to the way people perceive you.

Use great accessories

Most guys feel incomplete without their accessories. Whether it’s a sun shade, biker jewellery or a skull ring you’re wearing, the rule is that it should make you stand out.

In addition, a fashion stick makes you feel like you’re in total control because it boosts your ego. If carefully selected, it could combine well with your suit especially if they’re of the same colour.

Your apparel must match

Matching apparels do not necessarily mean that your entire costume must be of the same colour. What it simply means is that if you’re wearing a three-piece suit and a hat, at least two or more of your entire costume must match.

For example, you tie, sunglasses, and shoes can be black while your suit and walking stick can be brown. It doesn’t have to be the same thing all through.

Make your automobile outstanding

You might not know it but automobiles are part of what make men dominant beings. It could be a rugged motorcycle or an ugly looking jeep. It should just be something out of the ordinary.

Most times motorcycle riders have their traditional biker wears and accessories. Now, picture a man with a tall physique, posing on his power bike, with a cowboy hat and timberland boots. That’s a perfect picture of a dominant man.

Be confident with your style

Needless to say, every dominant man has to be confident. You don’t command respect when you aren’t bold enough to express yourself. However, this doesn’t mean you should be lousy or too imposing. Just talk gently and slowly until you’ve made yourself clear.

Confidence in this context means that you have to be physically, verbally, and socially dominant.


Male dominance is a state of mind. It only manifests physically through social interactions in which fashion plays a main role.